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Getting Started

How to register

In order to have a trading account with Deriv, first to to, then click on “Open a free demo account” and fill in your personal information. It is that simple

How to receive a deposit bonus

Deriv offers an unconditional 50% cash back on deposits from $100 and above, and they can only be accessed with special links.

This bonuses are only applicable to new accounts opened through

Payment Methods

There are alot of payment methods to fund your Deriv account, Bank wire, Credit/debit cards, Note: Mastercard and Maestro withdrawals are only available for UK clients. E-wallets, Cryptocurrencies, Note: The minimum amount for withdrawal will vary depending on the latest exchange rates.


What is DBot?

DBot is derived from the phrase, Deriv Bots or Deriv Robots. This is used to describe an automated trading bot for trading on Deriv or

Trade Duration

DBots can be used to trade the synthetic indexes market 24/7/365.

Accessing DBot

In order to start accessing the DBots, first browse our DBot library, then select any DBot you think can be suitable to you.

To install the DBot, you can Visit and Click on “DBot” , then import the .xml file by clicking on the “Import” Icon and you can now ‘Run” the bot

The Strategies

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a classic trading technique that encourages traders to double contract size after a loss so that when they do win, they will regain what they have lost.

D’Alembert strategy

Named after the popular 18th-century French roulette theorist, Jean le Rond d’Alembert, this strategy encourages traders to increase contract size after a loss and decrease it after a successful trade.

Oscar's Grind strategy

This is a low-risk positive progression strategy that first appeared in 1965. By using this strategy, you will increase the size of your contract after each successful trade, and decrease the size of your contract after each unsuccessful trade.


How to profit

Before trading with any DBot, make sure you have tried them on a Demo account. Depending on your balance and strategy that is suitable to you, each DBot downloaded from can make you profits if they are rightly applied.

  • Do not over trade(maximum 2 hours using any bot)
  • Set a daily target.
  • Watch the bot while trading and stop when necessary.

Best Trading Time

There are no best trading times while trading with DBot, you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


There are no limits to how much you can make with DBots but do not be greedy, set a target and stop trading once the target is hit.

Synthetic Indexes

How do Synthetic Indexes work

Synthetic Indices are markets that are simulated. They behave like real monetary market however their behaviour is created from the use of randomly generated numbers. These random numbers are generated through a computer programme.

For transparency issues, broker is unable to have an effect on or predict which numbers will be generated and hence is unable to cheat the market.

Types of Synthetic Indexes

Various Types of Volatility Indices you can trade on Deriv are: Volatility 10 Index, Volatility 25 Index, Volatility 50 Index, Volatility seventy five Index, Volatility 100 Index, High-Frequency Volatility 10 Index, High-Frequency Volatility 50 Index and High-Frequency Volatility 100 Index. These numbers from 10 to one hundred indicates volatility; 10 being the least risky and 100 being the most volatile. From the above list, you can additionally observe High Frequency Volatility indices 10 to 100 two They move 4 instances faster than the ordinary volatility indices.

Volatility vs Synthetic index

Volatility index are a type of synthetic index only offered on or, they have been traded for over 10 years with a proven track record for reliability and continue to grow in popularity.

Deriv offers a transparent and fair platform with continuous two-way pricing and does not second-guess which side of the trade you are going to take.

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