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Stoch RSI Binary Bot

Stoch RSI binary bot is a hugely powerful bot that is not usually used…


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Stoch RSI binary bot is a hugely powerful bot that is not usually used by the traders. Even not many people heard about this bot. This is the new innovation like the profity bot and the profitability is super for this very bot.

The behind strategy is based on stoch and RSI. These two strategies are very popular in the forex industry. The same strategy is used here in this bot. According to the strategy the bot trade can be a call or put.

There is a 60% profitability to use this bot. On the other hand, if you lose any bet, the next bet will be martingale by 2 times. S0, eventually you will win the session with a decent profit. You can experience 4-5 consecutive losses in a row.

We do not recommend running this bot for the whole day. Although this bot making good profits, we suggest running this bot for 5 to 10 minutes in a session. you can run 2-3 sessions per day. Always remember, The less you are in the market the less chance to lose your money.

Ends in out strategy bot also included to this free binary bots. Please test this bot to your virtual account, after you are getting good results, you can go to real and make profits.

You can download this binary bots from the button below.

How to Start:

Step 1: Make sure you have an account or register using the link for 30% cash back
Step 2: Go to or
Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file
Step 4: Run the bot
Step 5: Make money


Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance $50
Initial Amount: $0.35
Stop Loss: $50 Target
Profit: $1-$2 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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