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How Does DBot Work?​

DBot interacts with the online platform or exchange ( through an application program interface (API). With auto trading, an application programming interface is the messenger, tasked with taking your requests. It conveys to the trading bot what you want done and delivers the response to you.

After the trading bot has been enabled, trades can be automatically entered into, monitored and exited. All these actions are based on the rules defined by you when customising the bot for your trading style. Customising is an easy click-and-select scenario that means you need no knowledge of how to write a computer program. All you need to know, is what you want it to do. We’ll show you how further into this article but first, lets look at why you would use DBot.

Easier Trading

The bot will track the market and as soon as all the conditions set by you are met, it will automatically open a position for you. When the price of the asset moves to the stop loss or take profit level, the bot will automatically close the position.

Trading Without Emotion

With DBot, emotions can be eliminated from trading. The bot follows only the conditions pre-set by you for trading. It uses the technical analysis tools and other algorithms to determine when to buy or sell.

24/7 Trading

DBot doesn’t sleep. With our trading bot, you can truly trade at any time and from anywhere. Since it does not require constant monitoring, you can even capture market movements while you’re sleeping, literally. Just set your specifications and let DBot do the hard work.

Help Develop Trading Discipline

With DBot, you too can analyse your strategy, review completed trades, and apply what you’ve learned to future trades. It also offers a practice environment, where you can learn the ropes and develop a robust trading strategy. The more you practice, the more you develop discipline with your trading.

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